Twin terrorist bombings in Hasaka leave 37 civilians dead, 96 wounded, draws strong condemnation

Hasaka, SANA – 37 civilians were killed and many others were injured after terrorists detonated two car bombs in Hasaka city on Friday.

A source at the province’s Police Command told SANA that the bombings took place at al-Shuhadaa Square in al-Mufti residential neighborhood, claiming the lives of 37 civilians and injuring more than 96 others, most of them women and children.

The source noted that the death toll might increase as 20 of the civilians injured in the attack are in critical conditions.

The source also said the attacks also caused huge material damage to the buildings, cars, and shops in the area.

People’s Assembly condemns the explosion

People’s Assembly strongly condemned the terrorist attack, asserting that such a crime reflects the criminal reality and mentality of the takfiri terrorist organizations and radical regional governments that support them financially and militarily.

In a statement issued to express its condemnation, the Assembly stressed that the Syrian people, whose all spectra are being targeted by the terrorists, will remain united nonetheless.

Rather, the Syrians are now more committed to their homeland unafraid of neither the terrorist attacks nor the bombings and are determined to fight tooth and nail to eliminate terrorism along the army’s side, the statement said.

The Cabinet denounces

The Cabinet condemned the cowardly terrorist act that targeted innocent civilians in Hasaka city.

“These acts will only make the Syrian people, leadership and people more resolved to continue to work, fight terrorism and rebuild,” said Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi in a statement.

He said these acts seek to “kill joy in the hearts of the Syrians, bring life to a standstill and stop the process of building,” but expressed confidence that terrorism will be vanquished.

Ministry of Justice condemns the attack 


Ministry of Justice on Saturday strongly condemned the coward terrorist attack against the innocent civilians.

In a press statement, the Ministry stressed that “The criminals and those who back them will be brought to justice soon.”

The ministry extended heartfelt condolences to the families of the killed civilians, wishing quick recovery for the injured.

Kurdish National Movement for peaceful change denounces the attack 

Meanwhile, the Kurdish National Movement for peaceful change also condemned the coward terrorist attack.

“We accuse Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s mogul gangs of the involvement in the attack, the Movement said in a statement, expressing ”determination to confront terrorists and their tools, and to support Syrian Arab Army to achieve victory over the takfiri tyrants, supported by the ancient and modern western occupation”.

Hasaka governor hails ”Syrians’ spirit of camaraderie”

Hasaka governor Mohammad Za’al al-Ali said the criminal acts of terror organizations won’t tear away the unity of the Syrian people or undermine their determination to confront terrorism.

The governor, who made the comments during a visit he paid to the wounded from Hasaka Friday terrorist attack, said the Syrians have proved to the entire world that they are united in defense of the homeland.

He hailed the spirit of camaraderie the Syrians showed since the early moments after the attack by rushing to help the wounded and donate blood.

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