President al-Assad receives more cables congratulating him on winning elections

Damascus, SANA. President Bashar al-Assad received more cables from international, Arab, and Syria figures, groups, and parties congratulating him on winning the presidential elections.

The cables said that the success of the elections revealed the determination of the Syrian people and their decision to preserve their country’s sovereignty and political future free from any foreign interference.

The cables expressed support for Syria’s position, rejecting any foreign interference in its affairs, and asserting confidence in its ability to overcome the crisis under the leadership of president al-Assad.

The cables were sent by former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s Social Peace Party, the Yemeni National Assembly for Children of Revolutionaries, Freedom Fighters and Martyrs, the General Secretariat of the International Federation of Arab Trade Unions, Secretary General of Iran’s World Assembly of Ahl-ul-Beit Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, National Secretary General of the Arab Socialist Party in Lebanon Ali Harqous, and the Expatriates for Syria group in Paris.

H. Sabbagh

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