274 inmates released from Damascus Central Prison

Damascus, SANA. 274 inmates were released from Damascus Central Prison on Wednesday according to legislative decree no. 22 for the year 2014 whereby a general amnesty for the crimes committed prior to June 9, 2014 was granted.

Prison Warden Brig. Gen. Nabil al-Ghajari said that inmates are released after receiving paperwork from the judiciary including the names of those covered by the manesty decree.

Al-Ghajari called on all wanted individuals and those who were involved in unlawful acts to turn themselves in and benefit from the amnesty so that they can return to their normal lives, adding that the 274 inmates are the first batch to be released from the prison, with more to follow within a few days.

A number of released inmates thanked the state for giving them a second chance and allowing them to return to their normal lives, calling on others who broke the law to seize this opportunity and turn themselves in.

H. Sabbagh

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