About 15% of electrical transmission centers looted in areas controlled by Qasad militia, al-Hasakah

Hasaka, SANA- The areas of al-Hasakah governorate, in which the US-backed Qasd militia is deployed, suffer from chaos and insecurity, which caused the spread of crime, burglaries and theft, and violations that affected most of the service sectors, the most important of which is the power sector.

“15 Percent of the transmission centers in the neighborhoods of the city and throughout the province were stolen, meaning more than 1,000 centers out of the total number of about 7,000 ones”, according to a source at the General Electricity Company of Hasaka,

The source pointed out that the theft of electrical switching centers within the areas where Qasad militia positioned has led to the deprivation of the people of the electrical current, as a result of the lack of capabilities and supplies for repair operations, indicating that the centers that are repaired are subject to theft again, and all of this is under the eyes of the militia, which publishes its armed points in most areas of the governorate.

The militia is the one that controls the distribution of the amount of electrical energy in the areas of its deployment , as the largest amount is allocated to the northern regions, and this increases the long periods of interruption from the rest of the governorate’s areas, which creates suitable conditions for thieves to dismantle transformers, encroach on the network and steal its components.

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