Aleppo celebrates 6th anniversary of its liberation from terrorism

Aleppo, SANA-Under the motto “Our victory is Christmas”, Aleppo province celebrated the 6th anniversary of its liberation from terrorism.

The celebration included performances and artistic events, a documentary about the liberation of the city, a film about the late poet Safouh Shagaleh, as well as honoring his family.

In a speech delivered during the celebration, Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab stressed the importance of the victory achieved thanks to the martyrs and the honor battles of the Syrian Arab Army who defeated terrorism and struggled for a better life.

The Governor highlighted the great cultural heritage left by the late poet and writer Safouh Shagaleh, who made continuous efforts to accomplish this ceremony a few days before his demise.

The celebration also presented several folk dance shows, theatrical and various artistic performances.

MHD Ibrahim

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