Al- Qurashi terrorist leader is the same Abd al-Rahman al-Iraqi eliminated during security operation in Jasim

Damascus, SANA- leader of “Daesh” terrorist organization so called Abu al-Hasan al-Hashemi al-Qurashi, whose death was announced by “Daesh” terrorist organization  a few days ago, is the same called Abd al-Rahman al-Iraqi, known as Saif Baghdad who was eliminated during the security operation carried out by the Syrian Arab Army ,in cooperation with civil groups from Daraa , against “Daesh” in Jasim city on October 15 of 2022.

A security source in Daraa told SANA reporter that the terrorist “Abu al-Hasan al-Hashemi al-Qurashi, called “Saif Baghdad” is the so-called “General Emir” of “Daesh ” in the southern region, and he was killed along with the entire members of his group after targeting his headquarters in the northern neighborhood of Jasim city.

According to the source, the terrorist al- Qurashi , an Iraqi national, led the organization’s operations and supervised its extension to Jordanian, Iraqi and Syrian lands, and has also been primarily responsible for the assassination plans that were being conducted in the northern region of Daraa.

The sources added that the security forces, with the support of local groups, eliminated  several terrorists, including al-Qurashi and Abu Salem al-Iraqi, in the aforementioned Syrian province.

MHD Ibrahim

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