“About Her” wins Best Director Award at Al-Rafidain International Film Festival

Damascus, SANA- “About Her”, directed by Rabab Mrhege and produced by the General Film Organization, the Syrian short film won Best Director Award at Al-Rafidain International Film Festival.

20 countries have participated with 623 films in the festival held in Baghdad, as 69 films have been selected by the international screening jury comprising film makers from Syria, Iraq and Morocco.
In a metaphor for the homeland, the film tells the story of a woman suffering for so long in life, facing challenges, betrayed and tortured for the sake of money and false freedom.

It embodies the story of a successful and well-known actress married to a poet who betrayed her. As aresult she had a stroke and died. Nevertheless, her husband moves on and never changes his attitude.

It is worth noting that the film received three awards last year in different festivals.

Kinda ALMahmoud/ Mazen Eyon

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