Al-Jaafari: Syria is paying price for its principled stances, but it has thwarted hostile Western schemes

Damascus, SANA- Bashar Al-Jaafari, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, received on Wednesday the Australian writer and professor Tim Anderson, founder of the “Hands Off Syria” group and a member of the “Friends of Syria” group, accompanied by a number of researchers and defenders of Syria.

Al-Jaafari welcomed Professor Anderson and thanked him for his continuous courageous stances in clarifying the true picture of the war on Syria and revealing the dangerous conspiracy it is facing that threatens the security of the region and its geographical and demographic unity.

Al-Jaafari expressed the readiness of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to provide the required assistance to all true friends and defenders who believe in the justice of the Syrian issue.

The Deputy Minister spoke about Syria’s national and historic role and its constant keenness to enhance joint Arab action and achieve Arab solidarity in the interest of the Arab peoples, and its principled positions in terms of preserving the unity of the Arab nation, respecting sovereignty, refusing to interfere in the internal affairs of countries, supporting the Palestinian cause, and working to liberate the occupied Arab lands.

He noted that when Syria’s enemies failed to undermine it and divert it from its principled stances, they resorted to implementing a policy of creative chaos and terrorism, which they supported and financed with billions of dollars under deceptive and misleading names, in order to achieve the Western scheme that aimed to break up Syria and end its role, which stood in the way of the West’s attempts to create a new reality that serves their interests.

In this context, the Deputy Minister said that everything that has taken place in Syria since the first day of mobilization and distortion of reality, killing, destruction and theft of natural resources and underground wealth, their destruction of archaeological sites or their occupation of parts of the Syrian land, and above all that, the imposition of unilateral coercive economic measures to further impoverish the people the Syrians were all means to achieve their political schemes.

He added that Syria is paying the price for its strong and influential historic role and its principled stances, and it will remain steadfast in the face of the hostile Zionist and Western schemes.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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