Resistance Cinema Week kicks off at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts

Damascus, SANA- The Resistance Cinema Week, organized by Culture Ministry in cooperation with Lebanese Association of Arts (Rissalat), kicked off with a concert performed by the Syrian National Band for Arab Music led by Maestro Adnan Fathallah and screening of “The Buried Secret” film directed by Ali Ghafari.

In a speech during the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture, Lubana Mshaweh said “ the resistance is a thought that we practice and a daily struggle against calls of despair and submission, and the resistance has many forms that aim to fight injustice and achieve the right.

She stressed that the intellectual resistance supports the field resistance, as it produces determination, faith, sacrifice, and loyalty.

Mshaweh noted that cinema, which is one of the greatest forms of expression, seeks a higher goal of perpetuating the values of resistance, thanking the Lebanese Association  for its good cooperation and efforts to highlight the cultural event.

In turn, Muhammad Khafaja, director of Rissalat Association thanked Ministry of Culture and the General Cinema Organization for hosting the festival, stressing the importance of this cooperation which resulted in holding the festival in this glorious place, Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

He asserted that Syria and Lebanon share one destiny, so they chose to resist the Israeli occupation and the takfiri groups.

Director Najdat Anzour stressed the importance of holding a cinema week specialized in the resistance culture, underlining the necessity of constantly showing films related to resistance on T.V and social media to learn about the importance of this cinema, which is produced in difficult and very precise conditions.

Rafah Allouni/ Mazen Eyon

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