New reconciliation center to be inaugurated in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib province

Idlib,SANA- Idlib Governor Thaer Salhab discussed with a delegation representing dignitaries and locals from various areas of Idlib province the expansion of the reconciliation process in preparation for the opening of a settlement center in the Khan Sheikhoun area next Monday.

The meeting came upon request by the indigenous locals in order to give everyone the opportunity to settle their legal status on the basis of the agreements presented by the Syrian government to encourage those who wish to return to their villages and cities liberated by the Arab Army.

The Governor said “the Center will help in settling the legal status of Syrians inside the country and abroad provided that the comeback to Syria”, and stressed that “the priority will be devoted to settle the status of evaders and deserters of military service with the guarantee that they will incur no liability after your legal status is arranged”.

“ As for the families present in areas under the control of terrorist groups, their status will be settled and they will access liberated areas with all their belongings such as furniture, sheep and cars “ , the Governor concluded.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Amer Dawa

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