Tribes, clans of Deir Ezzor affirm their support to army against all forms of aggression

Deir Ezzor, SANA-Participants in the Clans’ Forum, which was held by tribes and clans of Euphrates Valley in the town of Al-Bouleel in the province’s eastern countryside stressed their adherence to the national principles and Syrian sovereignty.

Speeches delivered at the forum underscored the need to confront all forms of aggression and division, affirmed the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian state, and rejecting those who were appointed by the US and Turkish occupiers as “clan elders.”

Dignitaries of the clans called on everyone who collaborates with the US occupier or the American backed-QSD militiamen to seize opportunity of the amnesty decree granted by President Bashar al-Assad to “return to the lap of homeland as the victory will come thanks to the efforts exerted by the army.”

Rafah Allouni/ Mazen Eyon

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