Syria condemns Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners, affirms its support for their cause

Damascus, SANA- Syria condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli violations of human rights to which the Palestinian prisoners are being exposed at the hands of the Israeli tormentors and expresses its support for the cause of every Palestinian prisoner and detainee who pays the price for standing up to the brutal occupation.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said ” Syria follows closely the tragic conditions of Palestinians at the Israeli occupation prisons”.

“Syria condemns in the strongest terms the grave human rights violations of the Palestinian prisoners who are subjected to Israeli systematized  policies and methods of physical and psychological torture and deprivation of appropriate healthcare”, the source added.

The source stressed Syria calls on the authorities of the UN institutions to uncover these Israeli practices and to exercise their mandate in this regard.

Syria expresses its unwavering stand and support for the cause of every Palestinian prisoner and detainee who has been paying a heavy price for confronting this brutal occupation, the source went on to say.

Syria affirms that the issue of Palestinians in the Israeli occupation prisons is one of the severe repercussions of the international community silence and its lack of seriousness in dealing with the inhumane practices of the occupation, the source concluded.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Baraa Ali

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