Mikdad: “Israel” plays with fire and exposes the region to grave dangers

Damascus, SANA, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Fayssal Mikdad, stressed that the Israeli occupation entity is “playing with fire” and exposing the security and military situation in the region to disasters.

Mikdad said in a tweet published on the Ministry’s Twitter website “Syria will not remain silent regarding the Israeli recurrent attacks and the Israelis will pay the price sooner or later”.

He underlined that Syria has withstood and will keep resisting, and it will not abandon its stances, adding that the Israeli enemy should not bet or miscalculate being remained under its illusion that Syria would change its stances.

Mikdad went on to say that the U.S and Western countries should be held responsible for encouraging Israel to increase its aggressions and threaten peace and security in the region and the world.

The Syrian army air defenses confronted on Wednesday an Israeli missile aggression on some posts in Damascus countryside , shooting down a number of them. Israel also targeted Aleppo International Airport with a missile strike causing material damage.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Baraa Ali

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