Ruble up against dollar, euro as foreign currency trading starts on Moscow Exchange

MOSCOW, SANA-The ruble strengthened against the dollar and the euro compared with previous closing as foreign currency trading started on Moscow Exchange on Thursday.

The dollar exchange rate was down by 0.13% at 60.15 rubles, while the euro exchange rate was down by 0.32% at 60.25 rubles. As trading opened the dollar exchange rate edged up by 0.03% to 60.25 rubles, while the euro exchange added 0.12% to 60.52 rubles.

The MOEX Index was down by 0.25% at 2,394.35 points, while the RTS was down by 0.39% at 1,253.5 points. As trading opened the MOEX Index added 0.08% to 2,401.98 points, while the dollar-denominated RTS Index lost 0.18% to 1,256.24 points.


Manar /Hala/Ruaa

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