Sabbagh calls on foreign countries to reclaim the families of their terrorist citizens from Syria  

New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, stressed that solving the problem of foreign terrorists’ families in Syria requires a real political commitment from the countries of whose nationalities they hold, through bringing them back, rehabilitate them and integrate them with their families.

During the high-level open debate at the Security Council on “children and armed conflict”, Sabbagh said that the situation in al-Hol camp, which is controlled by US occupation backed separatist militias, is a vivid demonstration of the suffering children are subject to.

He added that they counter real dangers, foremost of which is the implantation of takfiri ideology which makes them timed bombs that threaten security and stability in and out the region, unless their situation is addressed immediately.

He demands the concerned countries to emulate the successful experiences done by some countries which have shown a sincere commitment to their responsibilities and brought taken back their citizens in coordination with the Syrian state, not by conducting suspicious deals with terrorist entities or separatist militias

Sabbagh regretted Syrian children’s suffering as they are subject to and victims of the hostile policies, adopted by well-known countries and have been suffering due to of the coercive measures imposed on their country. In the same regard, the suffering of children in the occupied Arab territories in Palestine and the Syrian Golan continues, as they are exposed to various forms of violations by the Israeli occupation forces.

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