Raisi and Putin: committed to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity

Tehran, SANA- Presidents of Iran and Russia, Ebrahim Raisi and Vladimir Putin reaffirmed the need to adhere to Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, saying the Syrians alone would determine the future of their country without any foreign intervention.

“We stress the importance of implementing the previous agreements among the guarantor states -Russia, Iran and Turkey- on Syria and announce our support for the political resolution in the country along with combating terrorism till eliminating it completely” said Raisi during the summit of heads of Astana guarantor states held Tuesday in Tehran.

He added “we reiterate Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity , as well as the right of Syrians in determining their country’s future without any external interference and we hope  that this meeting will achieve the aspired-for outcomes that enhance Syria’s stability”.

Raisi said that the western states impose embargo on Syria to achieve their political schemes and these sanctions contradict the international law and the sovereignty of states.

“We affirm that we will continue with our support for Syria’s people and state, and we condemn the repeated aggressions of the Zionist entity on the Syrian territories” he added.

For his part, President Putin said that Russia is committed to its firm principles, represented by the respect for Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the safety of its borders.

“Russia is concerned that there are regions which are still out of the State’s control under support of western countries, on top, the US which continues, along with its tools, looting Syria’s natural resources,” President Putin added.

English Bulletin / Mazen Eyon

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