Iran will continue to support Syria in the face of US-western aggression, Iranian official says

Moscow, SANA-  The mottos invoked by the US to carry out its conspiracy schemes against Syria are merely lies ,said the former  Speaker of the Parliament of Iran, Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel, stressing Iran is consistent with supporting Syria against all those schemes.

In an interview with SANA’s correspondent in Moscow Friday, Haddad Adel condemned the aggressive act of the U.S. forces in Syria, which is accompanied by the failure of the mottos of freedom and human rights, that proved to be futile and cannot be passed onto the Syrians who knew civilization development before the birth of such these countries.

“The Syrian people, with their steadfastness in the face of the US and Atlantic aggression and their aides, are able to achieve their independence, freedom and sovereignty”, he underscored.

Haddad Adel expressed confidence that Syrians will also overcome all difficulties.

Just as the US forces fled from Afghanistan, they will also withdraw with a lot of shame and disgrace from Syria, he said affirming  Iran’s firm support for Syria and its people in the face of Western conspiracies.

English Bulletin / Mazen Eyon


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