Al- Ba’ath Party in Yemen condemns Turkish aggression on Syrian territory

Sana’a, SANA- The Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party in Yemen has condemned the acts of aggression carried out by forces of the Turkish occupation on Syrian regions and villages from several days ago.

In a statement issued Wednesday in Sana’a, the party’s regional leadership considered that the Erdogan regime’s scheme to establish what is described as a “safe zone” on Syrian territory represents a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the independent Syrian Arab territories and all the covenants that regulate relations between independent countries.

The statement added that his aggressive actions against Syrian regions constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, and a kind of systematic ethnic and geographical cleansing.

The leadership stressed that Syria’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity are a red line that cannot be subject to any compromises practiced by the Turkish regime in collusion with the Zionist entity and the US.

The leadership affirmed the party’s support for Syria to take all necessary measures to preserve its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and to work with all that would end the attacks committed by the Turkish regime and the forces behind it of global hegemony and imperialism.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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