Terrorist war and unilateral measures left grave repercussions to health situation in Syria, Minister says

Geneva, SANA-Health Minister, Hasan al-Ghabbash, said on Wednesday that the terrorist war on Syria along with the aggression, the occupation of parts of its lands and the inhuman unilateral measures have left grave repercussions and losses to the health situation in the country.

“Despite challenges imposed by the terrorist war on the country, the Syrian State has went on offering health services all over its territories with all possible capabilities,” Ghabbash said in a statement to the 75th session of the World Health Assembly being held in Geneva.

He added Syria appreciates the role of World Health Organization (WHO) and its support to the efforts exerted to rebuild health system in the country.

The Minister said that the health situation in the occupied Syrian Golan and Palestine, including Jerusalem, is still witnessing increasingly deterioration because of the Israeli aggression and acts of illegitimate settlement.

He stressed that Syria condemns the occupation authorities’ banning of the WHO to evaluate the health conditions in Golan.

Mazen Eyon

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