Russian ruble rises against dollar and euro  

Moscow, SANA- The euro and dollar have continued their decline against the Russian ruble, as the European currency traded today below the level of 81 rubles, and the American currency below 75 rubles, for the first time since the eighth of this month

According to Moscow Stock Exchange data, the dollar exchange rate fell by 1.47 rubles to 74.91 rubles, while the euro exchange rate fell by 1.2 rubles to 80.60 rubles.

In terms of stock index, the index of ruble-denominated shares denominated (Mixes) fell by 0.35 percent to 2,322.5 points, while the “RTS” index of dollar-denominated shares rose by 2.27 percent to 982.5 points.

Manar Salameh / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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