Naumkin: There will be another Moscow meeting on Syria

Moscow, SANA – The Russian moderator of Moscow consultative meeting on Syria, Vitaly Naumkin, said another meeting will be called for to be held in Moscow where those who failed to attend the recent meeting can join in.

In a press conference on Thursday, Naumkin, who is the director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, welcomed the efforts of all countries and organizations that could help in having inter-Syrian talks held, suggesting that UN Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura participate in the next meeting in Moscow.

He underlined the positive atmosphere that prevailed during the discussions, adding that the real achievement was the decision to continue dialogue.

The opposition parties which did not come to Moscow have, by not attending the meeting, weakened their role in the eyes of the Syrian people, Naumkin said.

Participant figures have pressed the international community to ease the suffering of the Syrian people and fast-track humanitarian assistance in line with the UN resolutions, calling for lifting the unilateral sanctions on the Syrian people.

The sanctions, he said, have multiplied the suffering of the Syrian people and caused necessary resources to run out, he added.

The Russian official said participants demanded that Israeli military aggression against Syria and Lebanon be condemned, stressing the necessity of honoring the UN Charter and denouncing foreign interference in Syria.

Answering a question to SANA, Naumkin affirmed that the majority of participants in the meeting were consensus on the context, but a number of them had some modifications which don’t affect or change the context.

“There is no existence for one opposition… those who came to Moscow had their agendas and there was a difference among these agendas, but there was no big difference and this is good,” Naumkin said.

He added that the value of Moscow meeting comes from the fact that it is a Syrian-Syrian meeting, affirming that it shouldn’t be internationalized or considered as Geneva meeting, but it could be a preparation for a conference in the future.

Naumkin underlined that there are regional and international powers that tried to make this meeting a failure, adding these powers will attempt to distort the outcomes of this first meeting.

Manal Ismael/ Mazen

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