Moment by moment… the 25th day of Russian special military operation to protect Donbas

  • Russian Defense: The Russian forces disabled 89 Ukrainian military targets, including 4 command posts and 65 depots of military equipment , and shot down 7 drones.
  • Russian military kills more than 100 members of Ukrainian special forces and foreign mercenaries
  • VIDEO: Russian drone destroys armored vehicles and ammunition depots for Ukrainian army
  • Russian Defense Ministry: The army targets the Ukrainian special operations training center that includes foreign mercenaries, and eliminates more than a hundred militants
  • Russian MoD: Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, 207 drones, 1,467 tanks and other armored vehicles, 148 rocket launchers, 573 field guns and mortars, and 1,262 Ukrainian military vehicles have been destroyed
  • Russian army announces destruction of a fuel storage site in Mykolaiv region by hypersonic missiles
  • Russian Defense: The aircrafts of Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 62 Ukrainian military facilities and downed a helicopter and 6 night marches
  • Russian Defense Ministry: Russian forces bombarded with air missiles a training center for Ukrainian special operations forces
  • The Russian army distributes more than 75 tons of humanitarian aid in Kherson

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