Al-Mansouri Grand Mosque in Jableh city.. An architecture witness on ancient Syrian civilization

Lattakia, SANA- Representing an architectural landmark inside the city, al-Mansouri Grand Mosque in old Jableh is a testimony for the ancient Syrian civilization.

The mosque dates back to 1095 and it was renovated following liberating the city from crusaders.

Jableh Endowments Director, Hamdi Danora told SANA reporter that the mosque is distinguished by its current Ayyubid-Mamluk architecture composition with high –pitched minaret ,separated from the prayer house, having on its end a hollow star with some small windows.

He added that the mosque has two gates in the eastern and northern sides , between them there is a square-shaped courtyard open to the sky and furnished with sandstone tile.

Baraa Ali /Mazen Eyon

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