QSD militia kidnaps 40 civilians in al-Swaidiyeh town, Raqqa countryside

Raqqa, SANA- The US occupation-backed QSD militia has carried out large-scale raids in al-Swaidiyeh town in Raqqa western countryside, after the demonstration which had been staged in the town on Sunday in protest against the militia.

Local sources told SANA that the QSD militia brought significant military reinforcements on Monday and carried out a massive raid and search campaign that targeted most of the citizens’ houses in al-Swaidiyeh town in the western countryside, in search for the participants in the demonstration that the village witnessed on Sunday in protest against the militia’s repressive practices such as plundering their crops and the resources of the area, in addition to the state of insecurity in the areas which are under the militia’s control.

The sources added that the QSD militia cordoned off the whole area, set up checkpoints at the entrances and exits of al-Swaidiyeh town, and kidnapped more than 40 residents of the town and took them to an unknown destination.

On Sunday, a number of civilians were wounded, some seriously, after groups of QSD militia opened fire on a demonstration staged in al-Swaidiyeh town.

Nisreen Othman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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