Sultan Ibrahim Mosque …  A religious and archeological landmark in Jableh city

Lattakia, SANA- Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham Mosque is one of the most famous religious and archeological landmarks in Jableh city, Lattakia province.

The mosque was built over several periods of time, including the tomb of the ascetic Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham, head of Jableh Endowments Hamdi Dannoura told SANA reporter.

The mosque is located in the middle of Jableh, it was likely built after the death of Sultan Ibrahim between the years 777-785 AD, he added.

The mosque was built in three phases, the first one began with a room, in which the Sultan tomb is located, and it is called of “Seljuk stage”  ,and second one  shows the Mamluk phase where  the mosque, the pond, the gate were built,  while the four main domes were constructed in the Ottoman phase.

Dannora added that the mosque consists of the open courtyard and ancient chapel in the form of a square castle with at 8 meters side length, topped by a dome made of local sandstone and the chapel, which was accomplished in the Mamluk and Ottoman eras to take its current shape

The minbar of the mosque was built from old white-gray marble, has 8 steps and a small wooden door with two doors distinguished by marble decorations, in addition to the guest hall, he said.

The mosque is attached with a large bathroom called Sultan Ibrahim’s Bath, whose floor is paved with marble, he concluded.

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