Dialogue session about media war in Syria within activities of Syrian-Russian joint meeting

Damascusm,SANA- Activities of  the dialogue session under the motto  (Syria in the media war… How to win the war and promote peace, stability and development) started on Wednesday at the Conferences’ Palace in Damascus, in the presence of  Foreign  and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, and Russian President’s special envoy Alexander Lavrentiev, within the activities  of the Syrian-Russian joint meeting to follow up on the work of the international conference on the return of refugees.

During the session, Mikda stressed that the Western countries exerted efforts to change the political and geographical situation of the entire Middle East, in addition to the Western media misleading , for which they paid billions of dollars to kill the Syrian people and destroy their achievements.

As for unilateral, coercive measures imposed on Syria, Mikdad said that there are Lebanese, Syrian and Arab citizens who were killed as a result of these measures justified in media as “a pressure on the Syrian State which resists and defends its sovereignty and people,” taking into consideration that the affected side of those sanctions are the citizens.

For his part, Lavrentiev stressed that it is necessary to continue to fight terrorist organizations, particularly those existed in Idleb, and to implement the agreements signed by Turkey,  which bears responsibility for terrorist attacks there, asserting the need to continue fighting  Daesh terrorist organization in eastern Syria.

Lavrentiev said that the situation in Syria is still difficult financially and economically , adding that the major obstacle is the illegitimate sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union.

He elaborated that there are many projects targeting reconstruction in Syria in a way that contributes to the social and economic stability, underlining that his country has focused its attention, during many meetings since a year, on the necessity of the return of the displaced and refugees to their county and finding the appropriate conditions for that.

“Regarding the illegitimate and repeated aggression against Syria that causes human causalities and material loses , we stress that the Israeli entity must respect the Syrian sovereignty and stop its acts of aggression “he added.

In turn, Minister of Information, Boutros Hallaq, that the file of the refugee is a humanitarian issue and it has been turned into “a political compromise card” , adding that Syria will overcome the unjust economic blockade imposed on it, and it  seeks to promote and circulate the culture of dialogue to reach a comprehensive solution to the crisis.

The Minister added that the media war was nothing but a face for the rise of the fourth generation of war that targeted the whole area , especially “the promising generation” in most societies with the aim of  manipulating the reality and  creating a gap between them and their intellectual and political references till they reach a state of loss and shake confidence with them, in addition to finding a state of panic among targeted categories.

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