Popular gathering in Aleppo countryside to condemn Turkish occupation crimes

Aleppo, SANA- people of Tal Rifa’at town organized a mass gathering in the center of the town in rejection and condemnation of the Turkish occupation and its brutal attacks on safe residential areas, in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The citizens of the town and neighboring villages raised national flags and banners calling for an end to the illegitimate Turkish presence on Syrian lands and its tools from terrorist organizations and their brutal crimes against Syrian citizens

Participants in the gathering expressed their adherence to the Syrian territorial integrity and confronting any attempts by the Ottoman Turkish regime to divide any part of the Syrian geography.

They stressed their absolute confidence in the ability of the Syrian Arab Army to confront any aggression and preserve the soil of the homeland to liberate every occupied inch and restore security and stability to the whole parts of Syria.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza Qreima / Mazen Eyon

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