Syrian-Iranian talks to boost economic and investment cooperation

Tehran, SANA-Syrian Ambassador in Tehran, Shafik  Dayoub, discussed with Ayatollah Hassan Aktari, Chairman of the Iranian-Syrian Friendship Committee, means to enhance economic, investment and technological cooperation and promoting them to the level of the political and strategic relations between the two countries.

Ambassador Dayoub affirmed the importance of coordination and cooperation during the current and future stage after the achievements and victories that have been obtained against terrorism with the support of allies and friends and the efforts exerted by the Syrian government to rebuild what was destroyed by the terrorist war on Syria during the last years, pointing to the systematic targeting of the industrial and productive sector by terrorists and their supporters.

He indicated that the enemies of Syria turned their war to the economic domain after they failed to achieve their goals militarily and imposed on the Syrians the hardest types of sanctions known in history.

The Syrian ambassador referred to the new investment law recently issued in Syria and the facilities and exemptions it provides.

For his part, Akhtari affirmed his country’s interest, in general, and members of the Iranian Friendship Committee with Syria, in particular, in boosting cooperation with the Syrian side in different fields.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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