Clampdown against terrorist organizations continues

Provinces, SANA – Units of the Army and Armed Forces continued the clampdown against terrorist organizations, with the military operations resulting in killing many terrorists, while attack attempts are being repelled.


Dens and gatherings of terrorist organizations received heavy firepower in al-Msheirfeh al-Janoybiyeh village and the area between it and Rajm al-Qseir in the eastern countryside of Homs. Many of their members were killed and others were wounded as a result of that.

To the southwest of the central province, army units carried out special operations against terrorists’s dens in Wadi al-Samarmr and Wadi al-Kahf in the countryside of al-Qseir, leaving numbers of them killed.

Army units killed and injured all members of a terrorist group in the area between al-Ghajar and Kifr Nan village in Homs countryside.

Deir Ezzor

Army units destroyed ISIS hideouts, concentrations and vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in the areas of al-Jbeila, al-Hweqa, al-Rasafa, al-Mari’yeh, al-Jafra, al-Bo Omar, al-Kharita, Ayyash, al-Husseinyeh, al-Hisan and Hwejat Sakr in Deir Ezzor and its countryside.

Scores of terrorists, many of them of non-Syrian nationalities, were killed in the process, according to a military source


Army units in Daraa killed many terrorists and wounded others in Busra al-Sham and Ma’raba in the countryside of the southern province.

Another army unit killed a number of members of the terrorist organizations positioned in the area surrounding al-Nu’aima town, east of Daraa.

A military source told SANA that the army also destroyed hideouts for takfiri terrorists in Daraa al-Balad, Ataman, Zamrin, Deir al-Adas, al-Sheikh Miskeen, Ibta’ and Inkhel in Daraa and its countryside. Scores of terrorists were killed or injured.


Units of the army in the northeastern province of Hasaka carried out a series of what a source in the province described as “successful” operations against members of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organizations.

The source told SANA on Tuesday that the military operations in Tal Majdal, which is one of ISIS’s most prominent strongholds in the western countryside of Hasaka, inflicted heavy losses upon the organization in personnel and equipment.

The source also confirmed that a number of ISIS terrorists were left killed and others wounded after an army unit directly hit their gatherings in Mafraq al-Sideeq village in Mount Abdulaziz, 40 km west of Hasaka city.

Another unit of the army killed several ISIS terrorists in al-Hawouz village in the western countryside.

More terrorists from ISIS were killed and others were wounded during army operations in the villages of Tal Barak, to the northeast of Hasaka, and in Tal Hamees, southeast of Qamishli city, the source confirmed.

Meanwhile, units of the army, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, repelled an attack launched by ISIS against Khirbet Jaddou’ and Tal Ghazal, to which the army recently restored security. The attackers suffered heavy losses, according to the source.


The army continued its operations in a number of areas in Idleb countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their hideouts and concentrations.

A military source said that the army targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentrations in the area of Hallouz, Tal salmo, Talab and al-Houti in Idleb countryside and killed and injured scores of terrorists.

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