Egyptian People’s Committee for Solidarity with Syrian people slams international community continued silence towards US, Turkish occupation of Syrian territory

Cairo, SANA- Egyptian People’s Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People criticized the international community continued silence towards the US and Turkish occupation of Syrian territories.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo, the committee said that the continuation of the presence of US and Turkish occupation forces on the Syrian territories amid international silence is an evidence on double standards that govern this unjust community.

The statement pointed out that Washington, which imposes unfair blockade on the Syrian, carries out military occupation on Syrian territories in flagrant violation of international norms and charters, it also plunders the wealth of the Syrian people amid shameful international silence.

The statement voiced confidence on Syria’s ability to complete victories and liberate every inch of its occupied lands, stressing that the unjust sanctions and blockade will not dissuade the Syrian people and their brave army from  completing their battle until achieving final victory over terrorism and its supporters.

Bushra Dabin/ Hala Zain

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