Different but able …Art exhibition for children with special needs

Damascus, SANA- A group of children with special needs made handicrafts and decorative models from the combination of the environment through which they expressed their capabilities and skills at a gallery held in Jaramana.

The gallery entitled “Different but Able,” aims to merge the children with society, enhance their self-confidence, and help them express their energies and introduce their works to the public.

The children had their training courses at  Nour Kids Center of Deir Mar Yaqoub Association.

With great joy and simple style, Hussein Ali, an 11-year-old who has difficulty in learning, clarifies how he made his painting in which he embodied a waterfall that he made from cardboard and sea pebbles and used colors to show its beauty.

In turn, Samir Abu Saleh, expressed his happiness by raising his hand and greeting, while mentioning the words of welcome after learning the spelling of the letters.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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