Al-Kizbary: Syria’s sovereignty is primary principle in any discussion in Geneva

Geneva, SANA-Committee of Discussing the Constitution concluded its fifth round at UN HQ in Geneva on Friday after holding several meetings during the week.

Chairman of the national delegation, Dr. Ahmad al-Kizbary said that the delegation has presented ideas that express the Syrian people’s aspirations and it will continue to actively participate in the upcoming rounds.

In a press conference, al-Kizbari clarified that the delegation presented today, at the end of the round, a paper that includes a number of basic points in the context of preparing the constitution’s principles which is suitable for the constitutional reform under terms of the Committee’s mandate, adding that the delegation waits for the response of the other party during the next round.

He stressed that the delegation will effectively participate in the coming rounds as soon as it is determined in coordination with the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen.

In response to questions raised by journalists, al-Kizbary said that there are many basic principles that constitute a solid basis for the constitution, the first of which is the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, unity, not to give up any inch of the Syrian lands and not to allow any external interference.

He added “we have presented an important principle regarding the state’s symbols, such as the country’s name, flag, national anthem and formal language, as all these are significant points and we have to agree on as they represent the basis for what can be discussed later.”

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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