Astana track guarantor states stress commitment to Syria sovereignty

Tehran, SANA- Astana track guarantor states, Russia, Iran and Turkey, reiterated on Thursday commitment to sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, its independence and territorial integrity.

The three countries affirmed in a statement their willingness to support the work of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution through their participation with delegations , the Syrian delegation and UN Special Envoy for Syria ,Geir Pedersen, as facilitator to ensure the effective and sustainable performance of the committee.

The statement pointed out to the need for the Committee to work in a spirit of settlement and constructive participation without external interference in order to enable the Committee members reach an agreement and obtain fruitful results.

The joint statement stressed that consultations will continue about the aforementioned issues until the next meeting of the International Assembly within the framework of the Astana process “ the 15th international summit of Astana process” in Sochi on 16th and 17th of Next February.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon


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