Central Bank of Syria affirms new /5000/ SYP banknote will facilitate currency transactions


Damascus, SANA-Director of the treasury department at the Central Bank of Syria, Iyed Bilal, affirmed that the main target of putting the new 5000 SYP banknote is to facilitate the currency transactions, ease the burden of circulation and replace the worn and old ones.

Bilal told SANA that regarding the positive repercussions of the new step, the central Bank of Syria is determined to face all economic challenges and deal with caution, adding that the CBS   has specific restrictions through which it can direct the flow of currency liquidity in the markets.

He added that the / 5000/ banknote quantities that will be put into circulation are calculated and defined precisely so that they will be equal and equivalent to the old and worn banknotes that will be withdrawn from circulation.

Shaza al Ashkar/Mazen Eyon

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