Government team concerned with adopting measures to confront corona epidemic decides that sport matches to be held without audience

Damascus, SANA- The Government team concerned with adopting measures to confront corona epidemic decided that sport matches  to be held without spectators and that these matches to be broadcasted via official  media outlets.

The team, during a meeting on Saturday headed by Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, made a comprehensive review and reassessment of the reality of the infections and recovery cases during the past period and the steps adopted to confront the Virus and prevent its spread, reemphasizing the need to firmly implement the previously adopted decisions in this regard.

The government team called upon all relevant public bodies to be fully ready to face any possible development and to adopt the necessary measures in facing any development that could happen, asserting that the public safety and the health of the citizens are a priority of the government team in light of the spread of the coronavirus.

The team also discussed stages of negotiations with the World Health Organization  (WHO) in the domain of supplying vaccine against coronavirus. The team instructed the Health Ministry to submit a memo in light of the outcomes of the negotiations on the adopted mechanism and the phases and obstacles facing its implementation to be discussed during the upcoming meeting of the Cabinet to adopt necessary procedures  in this regard, affirming that the government exerts all efforts to obtain safe vaccines and provide them to citizens.

The government team approved the establishment of “Made in Syria” expo for clothing, textiles, and production requirements based on the economic importance of the expo in supporting the national industry, as the team reiterated the need to firmly implement the adopted measures in regard with decreasing the numbers of those who come from abroad and restricting them to the category of tradesmen who have a commercial record and to make sure of conducting the coronavirus test and taking necessary precautions in the expo.

The team also tasked the Health Ministry to study additional measures which would protect the medical staff working in the field of confronting coronavirus and strengthening the response of the health sector in this domain.

Hala Zain



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