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Life returns to ancient Souf (wool) market in old Aleppo city

Aleppo, SANA – Brilliance of life returns to the archeological markets of old Aleppo city, day after day, following its rehabilitation and restoration from damage and destruction affected by acts of terrorism.

One of the markets is Souk al-Souf ( Wool ) which returned to witness commercial movement that meets the needs of people and contributes to reviving local economy.

Head of executive department at the ancient city section, Hussam Halabi, told SANA that locals of Aleppo are accustomed to go to old Aleppo markets for shopping as the place includes several unique hand-made and traditional products, noting to the importance of Souk al-Souf for Aleppo women who are fond of sewing wool clothes.

Halabi added that the Souk is considered as part of al-Jadeda neighborhood and it is distinguished by the presence of churches in addition to two mosques, one of which is from the Mamluk style.

Hybah/ Mazen Eyon

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