Art competition for young Syrian plastic artists in Germany

Berlin, SANA- Takla Cultural Foundation in Germany has announced a competition for young artists in Syria for the year 2021.

The works accepted in the competition will be exhibited in a collective exhibition to be held next September in Germany, with a material prize for the first winning work and two incentive material prizes for other works.

Regarding the competition, Shaukat Takla, head of the Foundation, said in a statement to SANA: “We aim through this event to expand our support and encouragement for contemporary Syrian art and to give young Syrian artists the ability to present their works internationally.”

Takla explained that the competition accepts works of oil painting and sculpture in various techniques and methods, with the freedom of subjects chosen by young artists, provided that the age of the participant does not exceed 40 years and within conditions related to the volumes of work, which can be viewed on the Foundation’s website, indicating that the last date for sending pictures of works via e-mail is April 30th.

It is noteworthy that Takla Cultural and Charitable Foundation was established in 2017 in Bremen, Germany, and it is concerned with supporting and encouraging Syrian art and providing humanitarian aid.

Rafah al-Allouni / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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