UN special rapporteur calls for removing US measures on Syria

Geneva, SANA- UN Special rapporteur in Geneva, Alenea Douhan, called for removing US unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria , affirming that these measures are violation of human rights, particularly in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic .

Douhan, in a statement Tuesday on the negative impacts of unilateral coercive measures on respect for human rights, said that additional Western sanctions, particularly the so-called (Caesar Act) which came into force in the United States since last June, are violation of human rights which would become an obstacle to the reconstruction of Syria and it must be lifted immediately, especially with the spread of the Corona pandemic.

“What particularly alarms me is the way the Caesar Act runs roughshod over human rights, including the Syrian people’s rights to housing, health, and an adequate standard of living and development,” she said.

“The US Government must not put obstacles in the way of rebuilding of hospitals because lack of medical care threatens the entire population’s very right to life,” the Special Rapporteur added.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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