Bunch of vital road projects implemented in Hama and its countryside after liberation from terrorism  

Hama, SANA- A bunch of vital road projects and rehabilitation operations in areas liberated from terrorism have been implemented by the General Authority for Road Transport in Hama during the year 2020 to improve the efficiency of the central road network, raise its technical readiness and ensure the safety of its users of drivers and passengers.

Director of the Authority’s branch in Hama, Khudir Fattoum, in a statement to SANA reporter, said that the year 2020 has witnessed several vital works and projects, including the construction of the Homs-Massyaf highway within the administrative areas of Hama Province with a length of 20 km, with an implementation rate of more than 45%.

Fattoum added that the implemented projects also included finishing the first phase of Hama-Salamyieh with a length of 10 km with an execution rate that reached up to 85%, in addition to continuing work on Salamyieh-Homs highway with a length of 12 km with an implementation rate of 65 percent.

He noted that the obstacles that have caused the slow pace of achievement in the three projects have been followed up by the authorities concerned, in addition to creating the appropriate conditions to put them into service during the next year.

Fattoum indicated that the Authority’s branch in Hama is continuing the annual maintenance plan for the central road network within the administrative boundaries of Hama Province, pointing out that the most important maintenance project that the branch has completed during this year is the international highway maintenance project in the liberated northern Hama countryside to secure traffic safety and address the effects left by terrorism on these roads such as the holes, grooves and berms.

He announced the preparation of the necessary plan for the maintenance of the second and last section of the Mharda-al-Suqaylabiyah road after its emergency maintenance following the liberation of the region from terrorism, indicating that there is a contract also to carry out maintenance work for the separate sites that require renovation from the international road within the administrative boundaries of Hama province starting from al-Rastan to Mourek.

Eng. Fattoum added that during the year 2021, works to rehabilitate rain drains located on the central network within the province will be carried out to secure the safe drainage of rainwater in some locations.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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