Syrian teacher wins 2020 Global Teacher Award for her distinguished teaching skills

Tartous, SANA_ Teacher Nagham Ali, from the Martyr Ahmed Al-Shanbour School in Tartous, has won the Global Teacher Award for the year 2020 from the Alert Knowledge Services Organization.

Ali will be honored through a virtual ceremony on December 20.

In a statement to SANA, Nagham Ali said that she has been in contact with the organization since last November to provide it with online lessons showing innovative teaching methods.

She pointed out that the organization is responsible for enhancing the efforts of teachers and rewarding them over making any positive change in their community.

Ali added that all the lessons she presented have been subjected to international assessment not only in the field of singing but also in mathematics, noting that she also introduced her other skills, as she is a teacher as well as trainer in the developed curricula.

She added that thanks to her students, who interacted with her, and the school administration, she was able to achieve this success, noting that the greatest joy for her is raising the Syrian flag in international forums.

Nagham Ali, adopts a distinguished method of education in which she uses her skills in drawing, singing and music to stimulate the spirit of participation and interaction with first-grade students in her school as a method of teaching scientific material to students and helping them learn and develop skills away from the teaching traditional methods.


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