Minister of Transport: Damascus-Aleppo railway in service before end of this year

Damascus, SANA_ The People’s Assembly, in its 17th session of the 1st ordinary round of the 3rd legislative term chaired by its Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh, discussed on Wednesday the performance of the Ministry of Transport and issues related to its work.

The Minister of Transport, Zuhair Khuzaim, announced that the Ministry managed to complete a project of rehabilitation of a 400-kilometer long railway line connecting the cities of Aleppo in the north and Damascus in the south.

The Minister said that it will be put into service before the end of the current year.

He clarified that the investment and operation of a second Airbus 340 aircraft has also been started.

Minister Khuzaim indicated that work is underway to equip Aleppo and Lattakia airports, while all steps have been completed for networking between the directorates and departments of transport in the governorates through the electronic program of management of vehicle transactions and the automation of work with all concerned authorities to simplify procedures and reduce the financial burden on citizens in the framework of the administrative reform project implemented by the ministry.

In their interventions, a number of the parliamentarians called for discussing the possibility of linking among the governorates via railways, restructuring the Syrian aviation, completing the suburban train, and several other issues.

Manar Salameh/ Gh.A.Hassoun

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