Mikdad: Terrorism, economic blockade main reasons behind displacement of Syrians, their return is a priority for the State

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, reaffirmed that terrorism, supported from external sides, the economic blockade and Western coercive measures imposed on Syria are the most important causes of the humanitarian suffering of the Syrians and their internal and external displacement, stressing that the return of all the displaced Syrians from abroad constitute a priority for the state.

Mikdad, during the third plenary session entitled “obstacles to the Return of the Displaced” at the International conference on the return of refugees, added that the takfiri terrorism in Syria, supported from abroad, particularly from the US and Turkish regimes and the Israeli occupation entity, are the most important factors behind the suffering of the Syrians.

He stressed that the lifting of unilateral coercive measures that affect all the vital sectors in Syria to secure conditions for the return of the refugees to their areas, rehabilitation and providing services is one of the basic requirements to facilitate the return of refugees, particularly in light of the serious challenges  imposed by the  Coronavirus epidemic.

For his part, Russian President’s Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, said that reconstruction of the Syrian areas affected by terrorism is one of the most important things which facilitate the return of refugees to their country, pointing out that the Western unilateral economic measures imposed on Syria represent also an obstacle in front of return of the Syrian refugees to their country.

Lavrentiev stressed the importance of unifying international efforts to make the main goal of the International Conference on the Return of Refugees a success.

Mikdad : Non-participation of some countries in the conference on refugees’ return affirms they are disconnected from reality

earlier, Mikdad affirmed that the stance of some countries against the international conference on the return of Syrian refugees and their non- participation in it proves that they are disconnected from reality.

Mikdad said in a press statement on Wednesday on the sidelines of the conference that the causes of the crisis in Syria and the reasons behind Syrians’ emigration are related to several aspects, the first of which was terrorism which attacked civilians in many areas of Syria and forced them to leave the country or Internal displacement, in addition to the coercive economic measures imposed by states , claiming to be civilized and advanced to the Syrian people .

He went on to say that the pressures exerted by Western countries before holding the conference were unsuccessful so they just pressured on themselves for not attending as they tried to press the UN not to participate, pointing out that Syria hopes every Syrian citizen outside Syria would feel that he is once again able to return to homeland at any moment.

Mikdad reaffirmed that the Syrian state welcomes the return of every refugee.

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