Initiative to support war-affected children, enable them express themselves

Homs, SANA- With the aim of providing the psychological and social support to children and adolescents, about 50 volunteers went to a number of villages in the northern and eastern countryside of Homs province, to launch a series of activities to mitigating the negative effects of the war on children in that area.

The initiative is organized by Homs Culture Directorate in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICIF).

Seba Wassouf, one of the event organizers told SANA that the volunteers are working with children, adolescents, families and the local communities to generate a sense of security and provide opportunities to express themselves and develop constructive ways to deal with the negative impacts of the war, in addition to establishing activities of running, playing, exploring and spending time with friends and colleagues.

Ghadeer al-Hayek, one of the participants in the initiative, pointed out that these activities are not just for entertainment of children, but rather are a necessary part in the growth processes that have social, physical, cognitive and emotional consequences.

The children got excited with the initiative and participated in interactive games that were presented to them, such as creating puzzles, making letters and numbers in paste, dancing, and others, al-Hayek said.

He added that the children’s response to the event is a positive step and a creative experience that encourages us for more giving and achievement.

Nisreen Othman / Gh.A.Hassoun

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