Overlooking Damascus neighborhoods … an Arabian horse sculpture drinks from its water

Damascus, SANA – From one of the Damascene squares, an Arabian horse which had always carried the horsemen defending Damascus to quench its thirst from Fijah water, overlooking the neighborhoods of the ever oldest inhabited capital in the world which merged with the spirit of the Orient, made by the fingertips of the Syrian sculptor Hussam Janoud with 4 meters height.

Despite the simplicity and modesty of Janoud’s studio, he could within this place and with simple instruments achieve a big sculpture work by a method went out of the familiar and achieved a vision that left a beautiful impression to each one who sees it.

Janoud selected the Arabian horse to be the topic of his sculpture as it symbolizes our history and identity as well as indicates the steadfastness and pride.

He also talked about the difficulties which he has encountered while making this work, for this reason, he divided the work into several stages because his small studio wasn’t qualified to implement such sculpture at this value.

However, he dug a hole in the ground to put his sculpture depending on his imagination as an artist to achieve a vision exceeding the small size of place and inability to view the work remotely.

The work that Janoud started to carry out in the beginning of the year, has taken three months to be completed, and it set off from a small model on its basis.

Janoud said that as being a plastic artist, he sees that sculptural work as appropriate as a symbol, theme and timing to face “what we have passed through of difficult situations and indicate to our ability to confront them.”

Hybah Sleman/ Mazen Eyon

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