Shahba bathhouses narrate history of thousands of years

Sweida, SANA – History of Shahba city dates back to AD era, so the tourist can’t ignore to visit the great archeological bathhouses which are about 1800 years and still bear witness on ancient civilization and a distinguished art architecture in the Roman era.

Head of the excavation and archeological studies in Sweida Antiquities directorate, Khaldoun Shamah, noted that the bathhouses date back to the Roman era and still preserve its essential landmarks and they are one the biggest bathes in volume and area in the southern region which accommodate to 500 bathers at the same time.
Shahba bathhouses are one of the most creative monuments in the city and locate in the west of the main road extended across the two southern and northern gates, as Shamah pointed out that.

The entrance of Shahba bathhouses is located in the western side, three reception halls , the final of which is destroyed , through the middle hall , showers hall of circular- shape then comes the hot air hall where the visitor can see its walls tubes.
While in the north of the hall

The antiquities of bathhouses were built by Emperor Philip al-Arabi and located in the eastern direction from the great road and connected with huge water channels and their stone bases are preserved well , and the water was brought to it from the mountain of Teybah village , according to the researcher in the Antiquities area , Hasen Hatoum .

He noted that near the baths, there is temple of water goddess.

According to Hatoum , the bathhouses are listed within the Roman architecture system which included 3 types of huge halls ‘ the cold section with swimming pools and basins , the tepid section” tepidarium”“ and the hot section “caldarium” , mostly of the huge basin secure heating these halls by means of stoves with small bases of backed bricks placed under the floors and around halls.
These halls are rich with wall decorations which were covered by marble panels as Hatoum added.

The yards were designed to practice sports attached with bathhouses in addition to library.

Shahba is distinguished by archeological landmarks witnessed on ancient civilization.

Hybah / Mazen

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