Archbishop Hanna: Enemies seek Syria’s destruction in service of  imperialist projects

New York, SANA – Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia Atallah Hanna  stressed that Syria is being targeted because of its principled stances in  support of the Palestinian cause.

During his meeting with Syria’s UN Permanent Representative Bashar al- Jaafari at the Headquarters of the Syrian Mission to the UN in New York on  Tuesday, Archbishop Hanna said “The enemies seek to destroy this Arab  country in service of the imperialist and racist projects in our region.”

He reiterated solidarity with the Syrian President, government, people and  army, wishing that Syria would overcome its ordeal and restore security and  safety.

In this regard, the Archbishop said solving the crisis in Syria should be  achieved through dialogue among the Syrians.

For his part, al-Jaafari hailed Archbishop Hanna’s stances towards Syria, and his important role in Palestine, with both sides reviewing the  situation in the region, particularly in Palestine and Syria.

In another context, Archbishop Hanaa discussed with Archbishop Demetrios of  America the situation of the Christians in the Arab region and the role  which the Church should play in contributing to achieving justice and  supporting oppressed peoples.

 H. Zain/H. Said

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