President al-Assad receives Russian delegation… the two countries have joint will to develop bilateral cooperation

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a Russian senior delegation, headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Yuri Borisov, in the presence of a number of Russian diplomats, on top Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The two sides expressed their satisfaction over the level to which the bilateral cooperation reached between the two countries in different fields, asserting joint will for Moscow and Damascus to continue development of this cooperation and promoting it to achieve the interests of the two the friendly peoples.

On the economic domain, the two sides discussed means of implementing agreements signed between the two countries and their endeavors to realize new agreements in a way that would contribute to achieving the interests of the two countries  and ease the repercussions of coercive sanction policy adopted by some countries against Syrian people. There was an agreement  on the importance of  embarking the implementation of mechanisms  that would overcome the economic blockade and pressures imposed on the Syrian people.

As for the political domain, the Russian delegation affirmed Russia’s continued support for Syria and help the country in its political endeavors on different tracks despite the attempts of  some western countries  to hinder reaching any understandings or agreements that come in the interests of the Syrian people .

It underlined commitment to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria and restoring its regional and international role.

President al-Assad affirmed that Syria was and still adopts flexibility on the political track synchronizing with working to combat terrorism and achieve security and stability to realize which the Syrian people hope for.

The President expressed the Syrian people’s appreciation for Russia, as leadership and people, for their military, economic and political support and for helping Syria restore its security and territorial integrity as well as passing the effects of economic terrorism on the Syrian citizen, stressing Syrian government’s determination to continue the work with Russia to carry out the agreements signed between the two countries and making the Russian investments a success in Syria.

 In the same context , Prime Minster Hussien Arnous discussed with Borisov and the accompanying delegation means of enhancing  economic , commercial and investment relations and pushing them forwards to achieve the interest of the two countries and friendly people and continuing the joint  coordination  to confront the economic siege to which Syria is exposed to.

Arnous affirmed the importance of opening new horizons of bilateral cooperation in different domains and overcoming obstacles in front of carrying out the cooperation agreements to achieve the mutual interest.

For his part, Borisov asserted that Russia will continue providing support to the Syrian State to restore its control on all its territories,  in addition to the need of signing new agreements that help ease the burdens resulted from the economic siege imposed on the Syrian people.

Hybah Sleman/ Mazen Eyon

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