Speed of the wind and the sloping nature of land hinder efforts to extinguish fires of Birat al-Jird forests in Massyaf

Hama, SANA-For the second day , the teams and fire engines,  and the civil defense struggle to extinguish the huge fires that erupted in the forests of the village of Birat al-Jird and Ayn Al-Bayda crossroads in the countryside of Masyaf , but the  intense speed Wind, the sloping nature of the  area and high temperatures are hindering the efforts.

colonel Thaer Al-Hassan, Commander of the Hama Fire Brigade, described the operations to put out the fire as difficult and hard  because the area in which the fire extends is very rough and slippery and almost empty of access roads.

He added that the teams are dealing with areas to which fires extended in the high mountains at Sheikh Zaitoun site and the Prophet Matta , pointing out that reinforcements of firefighting engines and their crews were brought to the village of Al-Mushrifa.

The fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the woods surrounding the town of Birat al-Jird  in the western countryside of Hama, where firefighting teams have been struggling since that time to  contain the fire and prevent it from spreading.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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