In framework of the 3rd round … Committee of Discussing Constitution continues holding its sessions in Geneva

Geneva, SANA – The Mini – Committee of Discussing Constitution on Saturday continued its meetings at the UN HQ in Geneva where a morning session was held with participation of the national delegation and other delegations.

The third round of the Mini-Committee of the expanded body of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution resumed its meetings on Thursday by holding one session after being suspended for two days by the United Nations as a result of detecting coronavirus cases among the participating delegations.

Head of the national delegation to the meetings, Ahmad al-Kizbari, affirmed on Friday the necessity of agreeing on national principles before discussing the constitutional principles, the most important of which are respect for the sovereignty, unity and independence of the Syrian Arab Republic’s territories, which is a noble national principle.

The Mini-Committee consists of 45 members, 15 from the national delegation, 15 from members of the delegation of Turkish regime, and 15 from members of the delegation representing civil society as the committee held two rounds in the UN HQ in Geneva in November , 2019.

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