People’s Assembly: Syrian Arab Army’s triumphs over terrorism embody courage and nobility

Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly stressed that the Syrian Arab Army which is waging a battle against terrorism and its backers embodies the meaning of courage, nobility, love for the homeland, and defending it from the evil forces.

This came in a statement on Friday on the occasion of the 75th anniversary for establishing the Syrian Arab Army.

In its statement, the People’s Assembly said that since its establishment, the Syrian Arab Army has been embodying the principles and the values of defending the homeland and preserving its dignity in the face of the agendas aimed at undermining Syria’s sovereignty and independent decision.

The statement pointed out that the Syrian Arab Army has been setting an example for heroism and sacrifice that will be remembered by history for generations.

The Assembly reiterated its confidence in the inevitable victory over the schemes of enemies and tyrants, and in the ability of the valiant Army’ heroes to continue thwarting the neo-colonialist schemes to keep the homeland dignified and prosperous.

The People’s Assembly saluted the Syrian Arab Army that has been engaging in battles of loyalty and nobility since its establishing in 1945, and saluted its martyrs, wounded personnel, and all its members across the homeland.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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